Donna J. Cox: Familiar Is-ness

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    Familiar Is-ness


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    Cibachrome Print


    24" x 20"



Artist Statement:

    The convergence of art and science through computer graphics has been my obsession for 17 years and has culminated in a variety of artistic and scientific endeavors that include visualization and virtual reality. Technology is an extension of nature and a collaborative assistant as I mediate between scientific data and artistic expression. My insatiable curiosity with science relates to a desire to understand the universe and our place within it, and to make the invisible visible. Illness and death in the family have inspired my recent poetry, which informs much of this contemporary artwork. The underlying theme is the evolution of consciousness through recycled realities of human experience. If the universe is becoming more conscious, then it gropes and grows through our experiential being.

    Old familiar is-ness,
    You’ve been everything to me:
    anchors of laughing candles,
    intermingling crests of regret,
    revealing memories unborn,
    confessing tearful forgiveness.

    Glowing recycled images fall like cards to an earthly panorama
    from a galactic merger. Time may be infinite, matter may
    be conserved, life may be recycled, yet the here and now is
    our truest experience.

    Beyond all appearances of
    evolving atomic finesse,
    Discovering no slice is better to claim, …
    No-thing. No-time. Than This.