Eric Heller: Transport VI

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    Transport VI


Creation Year:



    LightJet - using Lumniange process printer on archival color photographic paper, Fuji Crystal Archive


    25 5/16 inches x 32 3/16 inches



Artist Statement:

    “Transport VI” is perhaps the most abstract of the transport series. A grayscale image, made by accumulating tracks of individual electrons, has been color mapped and sharpened, gradient filled, etc. to evoke something beyond the data itself. I see vaguely familiar things, such as pine trees with snow, a red sunset behind.

    There is a connection, a feedback from the science to the art and back again. In me, this has happened many times and has led to new scientific discoveries through the attempt to produce art. I want the scene being rendered to evoke emotion and familiarity. The viewer can project this back onto the science behind the image and sense the power and mystery in the world of quantum mechanics and the domain of the atom and the electron.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Harvard University