Eudice Feder: The Clearing

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    The Clearing


Creation Year:



    5 1/2" x 9"



Artist Statement:

    From Zero to One

    The landscapes of the world that I saw from an airplane window flying in the sky; the feel under my feet of the living land itself; the fragrance of air, from the Sinai to California, and in-between; and the legacy of painters, especially the 19th Century Luminist painters – all these have all instructed me.

    Through the maze of the brain, earth visions are restructured into a universal code of zeroes and ones that only a computer can understand and obey.

    The gifted painter’s hand then can be bypassed, diverted to another track, faithfully driven by a robot with instructions of which, what, where, and how to deliver the loaded train of earthscapes, transposed, transmitted and transferred to pen, paper, and ink such as The Clearing.