Eunjung Hwang: Monsters of Time

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    Monsters of Time


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Artist Statement:

    The world I encounter in my memory is pictorial and cryptic. I run into multifarious images, odd beings, terrors, and ghosts there. Everything I’ve beheld in this world has been compiled in a huge usable mental catalogue of images, and I strive for an encyclopedic achievement there. I’d like to be a mirror reflecting the cause of all things, the personification of the world’s memory. To reveal the enigma of the memory pictures, I dare to descend into an everlasting image-producing abyss in my memory and explore the undercurrent with a fluoroscopic vision. My works are “thought pictures” or “puzzle pictures” from the abyss. They are questions rather than answers.

    In my private, unrecognized pantheon of dreams, I met the monsters of time. Feeling empathy with them, I joined them in their symbolic feast.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    School of Visual Arts