Eunsol Kim: Alpha And Omega

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    Alpha And Omega


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Artist Statement:


    Alpha and Omega, 2019. Audiovisual Installation. HD Video, two channel sound, single channel, 3min Alpha and Omega presents the emotional temperature difference in Seoul and Pohang. The artists use seismic data of two cities for 10 yrs., data sonification and the objective indicators of earthquakes to provide a new synesthesia experience.


    Alpha and Omega deals with the emotional temperature difference between the fear and anxiety of those who have experienced a disaster and the attitudes of those who have not.

    The artist who returned to Seoul after having experienced an earthquake at around 5:00 am on February 11, 2018, when the second largest earthquake (intensity 4.6) occurred in Pohang, was experienced the atmosphere of Seoul in contrast to Pohang.

    This is because the seriousness of the earthquake felt in Pohang, the epicenter, is not shared in Seoul. The writer interprets the difference in reaction between the two cities as “the difference in sensation due to the imbalance between information and experience.”

    In order to express the sense gap between the two cities, we use the seismic data of two cities, which are objective indicators of earthquakes. Rather than simply recreating the overwhelming fear and pressure of the image of a disaster, data sonification will be able to hear the data and provide a new synesthesia experience.

    In the space where the disaster data is replaced with light and sound, the audience can freely experience a new type of disaster.

Technical Information:

    Data Preprocess – Seismic data from Seoul and Pohang for 10 years was collected from the public data portal.

    230 data sets(ex. 1, 4.8 35.9 1; ) of list earthquake data for each city that occurred at unequal times as events occurring on the same time line, It was pre-processed in the following form, and it is listed in the order of the order of time, progress, and latitude.

    Data Sonification- If there was no earthquake at the same time, or if there was an earthquake in only one city, then there will be no sound or only one channel.

    In the patch, these data are stored in the coll function, and these are passed to the next value every second, and in FM- Synth the magnitude, variable in tempo, pitch, and modulation ratio are applied as latitude and modulation index values.

    The rhythm is set randomly and the channels of Seoul and Pohang are separated.

    It is designed to facilitate the installation of each speaker to be installed in a different location during offline installation so that the difference in sound according to the two data can be clearly felt.

    You can feel the same difference when listening to headphones when implementing an exhibition on the web.

    Visualization- In the case of visual, it is almost the same as the interaction of the sound according to the data, and the image disappears when there is no data value and only one data, like the sound, but only one axis is activated.

    The intensity value is linked to the bar on the horizontal axis in Seoul and the vertical axis in Pohang. In addition, the generated sound affects the flicker effect, resulting in a consistently flickering image in the video.

    The vertical axis with a lot of data has a higher frequency of response, and the higher the intensity, the more the bar corresponding to each axis is widened horizontally.