Florence Ormezzano: Vise from Vise Versa Series

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    Vise from Vise Versa Series


Creation Year:



    Digital photography


    24" x 36"



Artist Statement:

    This Vise is half of a set called Vise Versa from a picture series called Handy Tools. The other Vise (Versa, missing here) is a tool made from two middle and two index fingers joined at their “top” to form an arch. The Versa arch contains the energy of the tool within its core, or “body;” the tool can pull in or out from the center. In Vise, (the picture presented here), the tool is split in the center, creating an active energy field between its jaws, in the empty space. Vise seems to be either reaching towards the middle or pulling apart.

    This idea of attraction and tension between two poles is inherent in most of my work. I came to the idea while exploring a nearly abandoned research center in Tokyo. One building was filled with machine tools from the 1920s, all somehow still in working condition, shiny with oil. The center had been used to develop airplane technology in the 1920s and 1930s (another building nearby had a wooden windtunnel). This gave a slight modernist accent to this specific series.