Floyd Gillis: seri_GB_1

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Creation Year:



    Giclee on archival paper


    30 inches x 15 inches (image area)


Artist Statement:

    When I was growing up in Vancouver’s West End during the 1960s, my neighborhood of two- and three-story wood-frame houses was being torn down and replaced by high-rise concrete apartment buildings. I loved it. Not only did it provide exciting (and dangerous) places for me to play in after the construction workers had gone home, it also made me feel that whole city blocks were being transformed into massive sculpture installations, with each piece soaring hundreds of feet high. By the late 70s and early 80s, most of my personal work consisted of pen-and-ink and color-wash drawings of complex geometric compositions. I always viewed these pieces as frozen moments in time when massive, moving geometric elements had coincidently come together to form a dynamic interaction.My current personal work continues to echo those pen-and-ink compositions of the late 70s and early 80s. Elements are combined to form dynamic compositions that not only continue to move on paper but also recall those early feelings of immersion within massive, neighborhood-filling, concrete sculptural pieces. The process of creating these images calls for an extensive exploration of structural composition and lighting arrangements, and tends to be almost wholly intuitive. Fortunately, after working with 3D graphics software for almost 25 years, the physical process of using computers to create these images has become comfortably transparent.