Francesca Franco: Algorithmic Signs- Five pioneers of computer art in conversation

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    Algorithmic Signs- Five pioneers of computer art in conversation



Artist Statement:

    Algorithmic Signs – Five pioneers of computer art in conversation” is a short video documentary where curator Francesca Franco introduces her most recent curatorial project, “Algorithmic Signs” (Venice, 2017). The exhibition took place in the historical gallery of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in St Mark’s Square, Venice, from October to December 2017, and featured works by five international pioneers of computer art: Ernest Edmonds (b.1942), Manfred Mohr (b.1938), Vera Molnár (b.1924), Frieder Nake (b.1938), and Roman Verostko (b.1929). Coming to the computer from completely different backgrounds and experiences – monastic life, jazz music, traditional painting, philosophy, mathematics, and logic studies – they began to experiment the creative use of the algorithm and computer code to construct their works and make art. Focussing on the relationship between computer programming, art and creativity, the presentation of each artist explores the role of programming in their work, looking at how their practice has kept pace with the rapid advance of technology in recent decades.