Franz Fischnaller: Lautriv Chromagnon/Medusa

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    Lautriv Chromagnon/Medusa


Creation Year:



    Virtual reality/3D


    210 x 100 x 120 cm


Artist Statement:

    Lautriv’s body is an interactive sculpture. Both sexes are contained in unique figure, composed by a synthesis of classical forms: the head of Medusa, the ears (serpents) of Medusa, the chest and hand of Discobolo and the abdomen and legs of Venus di Cenere. Lautriv Chromagnon/Medusa guides the interactive visitor through different ambiences in diverse ways: Digital Mode (Virtual Reality), stereoscopic 3D vision interactive and analog interactive in real time (telepresence).

    The name Lautriv comes from the reversal of the word Virtual=Lautriv. Chromagnon is a word made up of Chroma key + Cromagnon. Lautriv Chromagnon/Medusa is part of a Lautriv Community, a family of interactive sculpture. The members of this community will have their own: identity, objects, dreams, desires, … the concept is to place some of the members or objects of Lautriv’s community in “neuralgic points” (museums, cultural spaces, etc.) of the world and to interconnect them to an electronic network, always interacting through their eyes, skin, body … Medusa is placed in a room 5 x 6 meters large, immerse in a play of shadows breaking the darkness.

    When the public step in her space, the interaction starts. There are no boundaries between her skin and the surrounding environment. Her sensibility is spread in the whole room. Medusa’s body is a vehicle of artistic communication. The interactivity starts in the artistic input given by the sculpture. Her body painting recalls a telematic poem, it is a prolongation of her inner electronic life.

Technical Information:

    Hardware: Pentium 200Mhz, 2.5GbHD, 64Mb memory, Projector (front projection), 2 Amplifiers and 4 stereo-boxes, 2 small videocameras, 2 microphones

    Software: Operative system: FreeBSD 2.6.1 with standard packages, Graphic software: XFree86 3.1.2, Other software: vRweb 3.1 from IICS University