Fred Fleisher: Golden Child #3

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    Golden Child #3


Creation Year:



    Digital print


    30 inches x 40 inches


Artist Statement:

    I was born in a small steel town in Pennsylvania. At 17, I enlisted in the US Army and became an Airborne Ranger. I often feel that part of my youth and innocence was lost at that moment. While the decision to leave was mine to make, I was completely unaware of the ramifications. By using old photographs, toys, and found objects, I’m able to reclaim, or even re-define, that lost innocence. I manifest my ideas in a variety of ways, including photography and digital manipulation, installation, sculpture, drawing, and video. Current work includes the Golden Child series, where I’m re-writing my own personal history to create a mythological aura around the child I once was , and photographing combinations of toys and found objects that create a familiar, yet uncanny moment.

Technical Information:

    By scanning old photos and using Photoshop, I replace the backgrounds with punched-up, saintly, religious art colors. I also add a quasi-halo in certain places. By using these techniques, I’m able to create the myth of the Golden Child. This project is ongoing, and video will be included in future work.