Gary McLeod: At Home With Others

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    At Home With Others


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Artist Statement:

    Revisiting locations in photographs of Japan made in 1875 during the Challenger expedition (1872–1876), rephotographs of the contemporary locations produced in collaboration with local residents are presented within an informal discursive space where images and experiences are continually situated and resituated within historical, technological, global, local and personal contexts: from this emerges a reconsideration of digital photography amongst everyday camera users.

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    Digital collage using visual material created by Gary McLeod, Yoko Ozeki, Momoe Kubota, Satoru Masuko, Izumi Kitazawa, Mayu, Hisayo Doi, Shinsuke Iseya, Sumie Goto, Space Bambi, Saori Takahashi, Taeko Kimura, Emi Kadoi, Chika Nemoto, Megumi Hoshina, and Naomi Sawada (copyright with respective owners and used here with permission). Original image: © Natural History Museum London 2015 (used with permission).