Gene Greger: Commute

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Creation Year:



    LightJet print


    6 inches x 70 inches


Artist Statement:

    When people are driving, they spend most of their time focused on the road in front of them. Occasionally, circumstances allow or dictate viewing of scenery or road signs, forcing drivers to change perspective momentarily. As a section of road is traveled repeatedly, such as in the case of a daily commute, more pieces of the surrounding environment fall into place, forming a more complete mental landscape of the totality of the surroundings. With this artwork, I put forth a perceptual view of my commute as an amalgam of previous travels along the same route.

Technical Information:

    This image was created from frames taken from a video of my daily commute from Troy to Albany, New York. Frames from the video were stacked together to form a 30 “lattice” with each lattice point corresponding to a pixel in a particular frame.
    Visual data contained within the lattice were projected on a cutting plane that ran diagonally through the lattice, forming the resulting image. Each row of the image represents a constant time value in the video sequence, with the top of the image corresponding to the first frame and the bottom row the last. Each row was also taken from a different horizontal scanline of each video frame. The top row of the image was taken from the topmost row of the first frame of video, the second row from the second highest scanline of the second video frame, and so forth.