Guy Marsden: Digital Numeric Relevator Mk VII – Round Numbers

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    Digital Numeric Relevator Mk VII - Round Numbers


Creation Year:



    Electronic parts and acrylic


    15 x 12 inches diameter


Artist Statement:

    The Numeric Relevators series are designed to satirize our implicit trust in electronically represented numerical information by generating and displaying irrelevant numerical data. Each work is inspired by a different form of numeric display. These displays, which look like vacuum tubes are not Nixie tubes but incandescent filament displays- each segment is a glowing filament of wire like a light bulb.

    I found the round shape of these displays to be so entrancing that I designed tubular supports, and a cylindrical base to re-iterate their form. This piece more than any other in this series celebrates most tangibly my enjoyment of numbers. I have a peculiar relationship with numbers, since I am terrible at math and can barely add 2 numbers in my head. Yes when programming a computer I have happily delved into mysteries of linear equations, and matrix algebra in order to create 3D computer graphics! It is my intuitive understanding of numeric relationships which attracts me to formulas and numbers in general.