Haein Kang: Illusion: you can hear, but you can’t see.

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    Illusion: you can hear, but you can't see.



Artist Statement:

    “Who am I? Where do I come from and where am I going?” Human beings are noble in that they contemplate who they are. The fundamental question of human existence is a recurring theme not only in art and philosophy but also a driving force for the development of science and technology. The endless endeavors to understand human beings are devoted to exploring the nature of our body and consciousness and building machines that resemble ourselves.

    LLUSION explores the relationship between the body, mind, and machine by taking advantage of the latest brain-computer interface(BCI) technology. BCI is a novel approach to communication between human and machine using neural activity. Its BCI system is designed to play sounds that appeal to emotion when the performer closes their eyes and stop playing sounds when they open their eyes. In other words, visual stimulation or blocking is used as a switch system to play or pause sounds.

    How to produce consciousness is one of our oldest dreams we want to know. ILLUSION is an instrument propelled by the mind and the experience of a moment of obscurity.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of Washington and DXARTS