Hans Dehlinger: ohne_Titel

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    Plotter drawing, pencil on paper


    50 centimeters x 60 centimeters


Technical Information:

    A massive arrangement of polygons composed of parallel junks is arranged on the plane. The drawing is a pen-plotter image plotted with pencil on paper. The image is generated using random procedures within certain boundaries and observing some parametric restrictions. The program accepts a set of starting points for polylines and generates the lines agorithmically on the basis of parameter settings. The drawing comes into existence in a single shot and as one instance of a possibly endless sequence of drawings. All the required decisions are coded in the program. The intentions of the artist are formulated before the process is triggered. I regard this type of drawing as a species of the universe of machinegenerated drawings with specific characteristics. The plotted line is different from the printed line, and that contrast becomes important in the areas where lines intersect. The concept of algorithmically generated drawings is a unique concept that raises many interesting questions within the idea of synaesthesia.