Hans Dehlinger: the_bird_facing_left

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    Plotter drawing, gel pen on paper


    50 centimeters x 60 centimeters


Technical Information:

    This image is realized as a pen drawing on a pen plotter. Structures and patterns found in nature are transformed into line patterns. They are combined with algorithmically generated drawings and arranged in a collage-like fashion. Fuzzy clipping is applied, which generates unsharp, fuzzy boundaries along clipped lines and areas. A vaguely
    recognizable animal figure, the_bird_facing_Jeft is used to give hints at an interpretation, if one chooses to look for one. The drawing is identifiable as a program-based machine drawing because it uses a line type that is difficult (or impossible) to realize by hand, and it uses this line type with great consistency. The work is consistent with the SIGGRAPH 2004 Art Gallery theme, synaesthesia, because it draws on the vagueness and fuzziness of the clipping processes. They open a space for interpretations and
    associations from different sources. They construct a twilight or shadow concept, avoiding a clear message, and thus hold potential for bringing together different emotions.