Heather Freeman: Logophobia-Eat

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Creation Year:



    Inkjet on canvas


    38 inches x 25 inches


Artist Statement:

    The images are from my Logophobia/Logophilia series. These images explore language’s limitations and the merits and frustrations of these limitations. The Logophobia/Logophilia series is printed onto HP Studio Canvas with an HP Designjet 500ps. The canvas was then cut along the edges (hence the irregular border). The prints are reinforced with fiberglass resin to evoke both skin and parchment, although they were originally spray-adhered directly to the wall. The process of creation involved both traditional studio practices and Adobe PhotoShop 7 and CS. First, player-piano-roll paper was painted with latex. Then I did drawings of songbirds with a Wacom tablet directly into PhotoShop, which I printed and transferred to the latex-painted paper. The roll was then torn into segments and scanned into a Macintosh G4 with an Epson Perfection flatbed scanner. I then took photographs of myself with a Canon EOS D10 and incorporated these into the scans of the player piano paper. Sometimes the photographs were simply used as templates for line drawings. I also included photographs of plant matter and flowers from the Lexington arboretum, the Arizona desert, and the swamps of northern Florida. I also scanned in birdseed and other materials as appropriate to a given image.