Herbert W. Franke: Oszillogramm

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Creation Year:



    created with an analogue system


    18mm x 24mm



Artist Statement:

    This little system is a simple analogue computer, specially built by Franz Raimann to help me make pictures. It is called Oszillogramm because, in principle, the result is the superposition of two electronic oscillation components. The real picture is in motion, for viewing an old cathode tube oscilloscope. The photo is a slide made from the screen.

    Even in my youngest days, I was impressed with unusual pictures of an aesthetic point of view. This interest was never passive. It was an active challenge, to develop different methods for producing pictures. During my study of physics, I learned the strange results of scientific photography, and I asked if it would be possible to use the microscopes, x-ray equipment, and oscilloscopes for free visual experiments. Some years later, when the first computer graphic systems appeared, it was clear that this was the best approach for my intentions, and I began with my first explorations in this new and fascinating region.

    After my first period of generative photography, I began to use computers and mechanical plotters. Since then, I have found more and more interesting possibilities for producing new types of pictures, in 2D and 3D, and also in motion, or interactive, or in connection with music. In one of my last series, I returned to my interest in the future and science fiction, so the content of these pictures was phantastic planetoid landscapes with fragments of a strange technology.