Hiroshi Matoba: Performing Arts for the Future Mobile Generation

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    Performing Arts for the Future Mobile Generation


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Artist Statement:

    The mobile phone is rapidly evolving and changing our lives. Not so long ago, it was hard to
    imagine that telephones could carry a video display. But now, almost every mobile phone is
    equipped with video display capability, and the quality and performance of these phones continues to be enhanced more and more. Future mobile phones will have a much larger and much more comfortable video display. They might even include a video projection function. In our research, we focus on the ever-evolving mobile phone and use wireless display panels and projectors to realize works of performing art that predict innovative methods of interaction and play with mobile phones.

Technical Information:

    The artists created two new kinds performance:
    • A wireless mobile display panel based on LCD. The panel has a 17-inch display area with a
    one-centimeter-wide frame.
    • A wireless mobile projector system. This system uses a projector unit with LED as its lightsource and DLP as its light valve.
    In both cases, performers can create collective and synchronized video images. The images
    can be controlled by the performers as they move and arrange the panels or change the orientation of projectors that synchronize with the video content. For example, as they follow the capricious movements of a person in the displays, the performers arrange the panels to continuously display the person’s whole figure. They may have to quickly change the configuration from vertical to horizontal when the figure moves from a standing position to a lying position.