Hsin Hsin Lin: When Equations Dance- Tango with Lin Hsin Hsin

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    When Equations Dance- Tango with Lin Hsin Hsin



Artist Statement:

    Deeply rooted in mathematics, technology, art and music, anchor on linux and android, the artist conceives, initiates, establishes paradigm shift concepts, and builds digital artworks from scratch. There is no art, because science is the governor of art. Since 2007, the artist has discarded the resource intensive 3D modeling method, and replaced it by equations — the ultimate eco-friendly one-step process to build static and/or animated, stereoscopic 2D, 3D, interactive and Web-based digital art. The latest (2013) being: playing and dancing with the zero-gravity 3D objects, structures, and/or membranes created for Android-based smartphones to realize touch-and-go screen performances anytime, anywhere.



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