Hye Kyung Kim: Meditation

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    2D imaging, printed image on Hanji


    25" x 25"


Artist Statement:

    The aim of my work is to combine digital technology with analog thought process. I created the images on the computer in an attempt to express something about the human experience that anyone could relate to. Various modes of thinking float around our daily lives. This work tries to express our own inner world which is separated from conscious thought in the actual world. I would also like to ex­press something that breaks away from the typical computer graph­ics image and moves it beyond the technology. I experimented with brush strokes to create abstract images from those ideas. Meditation is one of those abstract images and is printed on Korean traditional paper called Hanji.

Technical Information:

    The concept of Meditation is very Korean, especially the fact that the image is printed on Hanji. This is very challenging in digital art. The brush strokes, created in Photoshop, represent a variety of techniques. This work will help people understand Korean emotions and culture through digital art.