Hyun Jean Lee, Ali Mazalek: Cross-Being: Dancer (The Spinning Screen)

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    Cross-Being: Dancer (The Spinning Screen)


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    In screen-based experiences, the screen itself can become an interactive element. The “moveability” of the screen affords interactivity between the screen artifact and the viewer, and between the virtual space and the physical space. Cross-Being: Dancer features a movable screen interface, a spinning screen based on a two-sided monitor mounted on a revolving base. User interactions with the spinning screen can support diverse temporal and spatial responses, thereby enriching users’ experiences. The spinning screen enables viewers to grasp the interplay between visibility and invisibility, creating an aesthetic experience. The angle and direction of rotation affects the displayed visuals and audio output. Inspired by a toy for young girls – a ballerina figure on a spinning plate – a virtual dancer on-screen spins along with the physical screen as the user spins it. Cross-Being: Dancer aims to explore the “doubling effect” of visual illusion that takes place between the physical and virtual worlds, and between visibility and invisibility.