Hyunwoo Bang, Yunsil Heo: Mont

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Artist Statement:

    Imagine yourself walking along a calm beach at night. It’s dark and all you hear and feel are breaking waves and sand between your toes. You sit on the beach and start digging up the sand, creating ditches and hummocks. Right at that moment, light swells up from the bottom of your terrain and it gradually becomes a sea of clouds. Suddenly your ditch becomes a giant valley and small hills rise up through the clouds forming a cordillera. This is what you experience with the piece Mont. Mont is an interactive installation composed of a projector, a depth-sensing camera and a computer. Its camera senses the volumetric topology of the ground below the piece and projects a hallucination of clouds, giving spectators illusions of mountains and canyons. Mont offers a playground of creation giving people a god-like ability to create worlds of their own. In a sense, Mont is a meta-creation, a magnificent sculpture delineating wonders of the nature but still existing as a creative medium. Utilizing raw materials, Mont seamlessly fuses itself with nature. With its noninvasive nature, Mont will bridge the gaps between the real world and the digital new media by enabling collaborations between technology, human and nature.