In-kyung Choi: [blow:]

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Artist Statement:

    Unlike any other animals, humans believe their lives were given by the creator’s own breath. With this breath, human became the only creature with a spiritual life, fulfilling both emotion and intellect. And such perspective gave me to reestablish the meaning of ‘breath’ from a biological activity to the concept of the interaction between the human and as a communicating medium. From the [blow:], the audience stays in the real space as the particles separately exists in the virtual space, and the method that merges the two is the breath. People, who received the emotion from the creator, now augment its territory to the virtual space using the breath. This concept also extends to an attempt to interact between from one virtual object to another. Installing rear screens to the transparent glass allows the interaction from one side to another and by minimizing the hardware system, the virtual space and real space is being juxtaposed: a system to improve the users expands their feelings. This work is focused to develop a speaker sensory systems which only will react to the sound of the user’s breathe. The sensor detects only the sound of breathe and transforms the analog speaker into a digital switch, sending the coordinates to the circuit. Arduino receives this coordinates and controls the movement of the particles in real time.



ASIA2009_Choi_Blow from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.



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