Jae Min Lee: Light Space The Stone

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    Light Space The Stone



Artist Statement:

    Light Space The Stone proposes a new form of Digital Media Installation Work which has a strong basis in modern Digital Technology, but is inspired by Korean traditional views of nature. It considers nature not merely by its environmental importance but also questions how to create a harmony between human-made Digital Media and ecological needs. The work has bumpy shapes just like rock surfaces and electronic circuits on its surface that change lighting when the surrounding brightness changes. Each electronic circuit has CdS Cell censoring the brightness, transistor and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Each pixel is 2cm by 2cm; a square shaped pixel of two thousand is placed along the surface of the art work. This three-dimensional form of work is an attempt to pull away from a typical form of LED display used before, and to create visual enjoyment and explore the potential of digital sculptures. This work reveals its form by the element of light. Generally light is used to gleam through the texts or images to convey a message or to light the space as a lighting device. In contrast, the lighting of each pixel changes according to the change in lighting surrounding them. The light becomes an element of the sculpture.