James Lane, Anthony Rowe: Altzero 3

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    Altzero 3


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    “altzero” aims to create musical pieces that can be explored in an intuitive, non linear way, where the composer’s original musical direction is developed and augmented by those visiting the interactive space.

    By navigating through these virtual environments, visitors can explore the sounds and create an infinite array of different soundscapes, defining their own musical experience.

    The project was initiated in 1999, and consists of a series of experiments (online and offline) exploring the possibilities of interaction, communication, and multi-user collaboration based on sound and space.

    As well as the online format, “altzero” has also been shown as an installation in a number of venues.

    First shown in June 2000, this is a 3D space where visitors can place specially composed sound loops, creating different soundscapes. The music you hear depends on where you enter the environment, the route you take, the time spent in specific areas, who you encounter along the way, and how you and others select and affect the sounds.

    Your presence within the space is defined by the interaction you have with the soundscape.

    Installed at the Futuresonic festival in Manchester, United Kingdom, June 2000; and Transcinema, New York, November 2000.

    An abstract deep ocean space where vertical lines of bubbles rise towards the surface, each line representing one sound. There are 50 distinct sounds placed in the environment, tuned to create rich, complex chords that change smoothly over time. The aim is to motivate people to explore the environment at their own pace, guided by the sounds they hear and enjoy.

    Installed at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, in February 2001.

    squid s o u p
    squid s o u p is a group of interactive artists, designers and musicians based in London, UK. They have been experimenting with sound based interaction since 1997, and their work has been shown at international festivals such as Milia, Doors of Perception, Ars Electronica, Sonar FutureSonic, Micro Wave and Transcinema.

    “altzero” won the Art Online category of the EMMA Award 2000 and was Macromedia Site of the Day in January 2001.

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    Just below the surface, the sounds are warm and inviting. (top)

    Deeper into an ocean of sound… (bottom)