Jana Whittington: Exertions of Exodus

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    Exertions of Exodus



    Time-based image


Artist Statement:

    Controversial new art forms have always been closely inspected, including their underlying environmental and cultural influences, which are revealed in artwork over time. This work is a reflective time-based piece that visually tells a story about the artist’s aesthetic journeys, including the journey from traditional to digital. A 20-year period is dilated by juxtaposing, segmenting, and interweaving passages of artistic works and influences.

    The artist is intrigued by stories told by other new-media artists, and their journeys are reflected in the motion of the piece. The artist considers the use of computers and other new forms of technology that deal with time an exciting medium in which to bring life to aesthetic expressions.

Technical Information:

    A wide range of artistic processes was employed to form this time-based piece. The artist used a body of original artwork, both traditional and digital. The traditional art was digitized through the use of digital photography, digital video, and high-to-low-resolution scans. The digital original art pieces were created using digital video, digital photography, animations, and motion graphics. Software used: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Motion, Final-Cut, Adobe After Effects, Soundtrack Pro, and 3ds Max. Windows and Mac platforms were used, and the final piece was assembled in Final-Cut Pro and DVD Pro.