Jeremiah Teipen: Electronic Cuisine

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    Electronic Cuisine



Artist Statement:

    As citizens of the world, we acknowledge that electronic technological gadgetry has become pervasive. Technology, like other sectors of our economy, reinforces our shopping instinct and consumer culture, and it is a catalyst for the growth of capital. The original consumer goods are now edible products of a food production and distribution system, a system that has evolved into the contemporary global food supply chain, a semi-automated system that allows suppliers to electronically track food shipments from farms to processing facilities and distribution centers to restaurants and stores to our homes.
    The logical next evolutionary step is obvious: to embed electronics directly into the food we consume. Our electronics should be as consumable and as perishable as our food. This new epoch will be drenched in the savory sauces of Electronic Cuisine.
    Let us go forth then, to harness the energy of mold and bacteria as renewable resources to power our electronic sandwiches and our robotic sushi deluxe and all the new delectable delights that will be GPS and Wi-Fi enabled, sending nutritional information to our doctors and automatically updating our social-media web pages, allowing our friends and fans to be privy to all the minute intimacies of our daily consumption and digestion, all while our meals are enlivened with internal image displays that transform our sustenance into a media-rich advertising and entertainment platform.