Joan Truckenbrod: Phase Transitions

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    Phase Transitions


Creation Year:



    3M Scanamural


    5 x 7 ft



Artist Statement:

    The fluid images in my tapestries reflect a sensitive integration of visual and cognitive ideas. The vibrating kinetics of these patterning systems are created by the dynamically interacting layers of visual images. These layers of images are representations of the manner in which we view the natural world. In reality there are many layers of information/images which are imperceptible due to the limits of our visual faculties. These invisible layers of natural phenomena are abstracted into mathematical formulas by scientists. I have created a conceptual “lens” with which I am visualizing these phenomena, and weaving the visual layers into amorphous networks. The seemingly porous color transitions in one of these layers absorbs portions of other layers to create a translucent atmosphere and a natural ambiguity. As these tapestries respond to air currents in the natural environment, the flowing patterns derived from nature are projected back into the natural world.

Technical Information:

    Hardware: Tektronix 4027 & 4051

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Northern Illinois University