Joan Truckenbrod: Torn Touch

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    Torn Touch


Creation Year:



    Lambda print


    24" x 44"



Artist Statement:

    This interactive installation brings the architecture of the human body into the virtual ecology. My objective is to re-materialize the digitized experience by creating a community ritual. Participants are given large gold pins and asked to pin a personal item onto cloth that is caught in the rusty barbed wire in an old fence. As viewers approach the cloth, they step on a path in front of the fence that triggers computer movies. This is a look inside at the hand struggling with the net through digital processing. Images are triggered on one of three monitors as the viewer moves along the path. The monitors are in black cages, so the viewer cannot touch the images – the can’t touch, don’t touch of cyberspace. The cloth becomes laden with treasures as participants share the ritual of depositing personal items on the cloth.