Jody Zellen: Talking Walls

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    Talking Walls



    Web-based art


Artist Statement:

    In my work, I push the boundaries of various media. I explore archi­tectural spaces as well as digital spaces, making projects that are both site-specific and unexpected. My work juxtaposes images of old and new cities, reflecting a sense of nostalgia for the past con­trasted with wonder about the future. The works mirror the experi­ence of navigating a charged metropolitan area.

    A walk through the city becomes a vehicle for a meditation on space, time, and human interaction. I am interested in the patterns, struc­ture, and design of the urban environment. Rather than document the cities I see, I employ media-generated representations of con­temporary and historic cities as raw material for aesthetic and social explorations. Using these appropriated images and texts, I make individual photo collages, multi-media installations, public artworks, artist’s books, and net art projects.

Technical Information:

    This web-based project uses Quick Time and Flash to create the sounds and sites of the city.