Joel A. Slayton: C5

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Artist Statement:

    A site specific experiment in social interactions: disruption, innovation, evolution, subversion.

    C5= [disruption/information analysis (strategy 2E)]
    if…(coordinated entanglement) mesh, Mt+;

    C5 performs, or rather acts out, through choreographed demonstrations involving radio-controlled surveillance probes – a means to infiltrate, disrupt, view, map, and record human interactions. An extensive Web site supports remote audience interaction, event analysis, live telepresence, and an exhaustive public relations campaign mirroring the dynamics of corporate culture. For C5, strategy and theory are information products, surveillance technology is a marketing vehicle, and the shaping of corporate identity is art.

    Members of the C5 team engineer miniature radio-controlled surveillance probes for collection of wireless transmitted audio/video and data involving SIGGRAPH 98 programs, events, people, architectural spaces, and social environments. The C5 demonstration team performs choreographed information stunts, infiltrations, and site/event specific surveillance maneuvers throughout the conference.

    C5 is an “information product.” The C5 Web site is devoted exclusively to establishing C5‘s corporate identity through constructed cyborgian personas of team members and presents live demonstrations, event documentations and analysis. Interaction over the Web site offers remote viewers an opportunity to interact directly with the members of C5, suggest specific activities, acquire information about C5 products and services, and download artifacts.