Joerg Niehage: samplinglong

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Artist Statement:

    samplingplong features a projected mouse cursor interacting in physical space, generating miniature sound compositions with pleasurable arrangements from the everyday soundtrack of the digital age.

    samplingplong is an interface consisting of physical objects-electronic junk, plastic toys, compressed air valves, pneumatically operated components, coiling cables and wires-arranged on a tablecloth. These objects are turned into interactive instruments via a computer-controlled device. An improvised ensemble evolves, eliciting by means of mouse-over and mouse-dick short miniature compositions of dense rhythmic clicks, hisses, whirs, hums, and crackles. The result is a tapestry of sound bursting forth from the floral-like web of cables and tubes. The installation can be experienced by rolling the projected mouse-cursor over the improvised instruments, causing small sound events which allow the user to play spontaneous improvisations. Clicking these objects starts short programs of loop-like compositions-small “techno-compositions en miniature,” rhythmic patterns of analog (or real) sounds, physical low-tech simulations of electronic, digital music. All represent an ironic comment on interactivity.