John Caputo: Cathach

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Creation Year:



    Color laser-printed book


    8.5 x 11 x .375 inches


Artist Statement:

    My aims as an artist tend to cluster around several core categories, none of which are either self-contained or mutually exclusive. These cores may be thought of as hypotheses rather than as theories, for my overriding view of existence relates to its flux (the constancy of change) and mystery (the essential unknowable.)

    One core concerns a desire to produce works which cannot be read at a single level or in a single encounter. There should be a richness and complexity which invites and/or urges the viewer to absorb the work through the senses and let it react over time with the full range of our dimensions as human beings to process experience.

    Another core concerns the desire to make the process of making the images both an integral and organic union with the piece being made. There should be an inevitability about this union which goes beyond issues like ego, fashion, habit; the extraneous. My own preference at this point is to go in and preconceiving conventional stereotypes concerning them.

    A third core concerns both the poignancy and the multiple readings that can be obtained within images of identifiable objects. Whether present as a result of a more surface oriented “cultural memory” or a more deeply rooted human one, the results of recognizable “as an object” and “as an object within a specific context”, opens up virtually limitless opportunity for purposeful exchange.

    A fourth core concerns the potential for direct communication utilizing non-objective an/or abstract forms. In this sense communication goes beyond the transfer of specific information to include dispositions towards modes of organizing (a broader concept than traditional formalism) as well as the psychological import of associative forms.