John-Dan Key: The Meaning of Pi

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    The Meaning of Pi


Creation Year:



    34 in x 42 in



Artist Statement:

    I paint to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Specifically, I paint to show the beauty of interrelation. I juxtapose line and shape to relate them strongly with one another, to forge the separate elements into a dynamic, inter-working whole.

    I build each painting to mold a certain feeling, to create a certain energy. It is an energy of pressure, of potential, a latent energy like a compressed spring or the excitement of a crowd. I choose the lines I draw and the shapes I paint in order to produce and heighten this energy.

    As someone who has always stood apart, observing the world as though from the outside, I sense strongly the ties that exist between the members of humankind md the cosmos in which they dwell. I choose to draw out and accentuate these relationships in my work, in symbolic form. My hope is that someday I may so completely portray these relationships that by merely painting I will bind people closer to others and to the world around them.