JongKuk Won: A Letter Across The Stars

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    A Letter Across The Stars



Artist Statement:


    An audiovisual installation of radio signal observation data to Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), 2-channel projection mapping and 16-channel surround sound system, 160min Selected for ACT Showcase: Art & Science  hosted by Asia Culture Center, exhibited at ACT Studio in Asia Culture Center.


    From the moment mankind began observing the night sky, there is one question that has been in my mind for a very long time. As our attempts to find answers to these questions continued and progressed, we learned more about the universe and humanity.

    What is left of us now? The SETI(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project, which seeks to find evidence of civilization outside the earth by discovering artificial radio signals from space, has continued to this day with the development of radio astronomy.

    Breakthrough Listen, which aims to observe one million stars and one hundred galactic centers, is a radio wave exploration project that represents this modern SETI, and has been constantly updating new observational data from 2017 to the present. In particular, some of the data are recorded unique radio signals of unknown cause. This work is the realization of real-time audio-visualization of data containing this unique signal with 2-channel projection mapping and 16- channel surround speakers.

    The work creates a cosmic experience that waits for the unknown signal hidden in it by making the audience sense the radio signals from outer space with light and sound. Through this cosmic experience, the audience will be able to reconsider the possibility of an unknown being, so that we can look back at ourselves from a cosmic point of view that all humanity is ultimately one.

    The journey to find extraterrestrial intelligence is the same as the journey to find the answer to the question about humanity. Now that the value of humanity and life goes beyond Earth, we have a time to ask the question that humanity has long held in mind. “Are we the only intelligent life in this universe?”

Technical Information:

    Beam projection mapping on the front screen and the bottom using two laser beam projectors with 5000~7000 ansi

    4-inch active speakers are arranged at regular intervals on the edge of the floor to realize surround sound.(Minimum 4 units ~ Maximum 16 units)

    Two beam projectors (HDMI) and an audio interface(USB) with 16 channel outputs can be connected to one computer

    The ideal space size is 10x5x10m (front screen size: 10mx5m, floor space size: 10x10m), but it can be flexibly changed or reduced depending on the exhibition space situation.

    Equipment specifications and units of speakers also can be flexibly changed or reduced depending on the exhibition space situation.