Joseph P. DeLappe: The Continuum: Husband & Wife Starting To Look Like Each Other

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    The Continuum: Husband & Wife Starting To Look Like Each Other


Creation Year:



    Digital photo/Iris ink-jet print


    18 x 24 inches


Artist Statement:

    This images is from the series Legacies which represents a return in my work to addressing themes of personal significance and image/family history. The impetus behind this series was the death by suicide of my Hungarian born, Jewish grandmother, Eva, in the spring of 1992. Her death pushed me to consider the complex inter generational relations which are indicative of our family’s history. The images represent attempts to visually reconcile and connect with relatives both past and present. I have created a symbolic reality for the consideration of personal histories.

    The Continuum: Husband and Wife Starting to Look Like Each Other specifically incorporates images related to a 1989 visit to Budapest which I took with Laurie, now my spouse. In the background of this piece are several images, including: the church where my Grandmother was wed (she married a Gentile), where during our visit I proposed marriage; our twin daughters, Sarah and Eva, born during the year after our return; the road to our family farm, imaged during our visit and from a 1930’s era photograph taken by my Grandmother. This image is a testament to the continuity of love, history and place.