Jungmin Park, Kyoungmin Bang: LIFE : Can A Computer Have A Heart?

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    LIFE : Can A Computer Have A Heart?



Artist Statement:


    In this work, AI has a conversation with audiences. As the conversation is repeated, the expressions used by AI are gradually developed into those using emotional words resembling humans’ expressions.


    AI is essentially ‘intelligence’ programmed by humans. Although AI which can joke, communicate and tell a story resembles humans, can we continue to have a natural conversation with them, even though it is identified as AI? The current AI is only applied to a certain field, as it is at the step of ‘weak intelligence’. It is expected to be developed into ‘general or strong intelligence’ imitating humans’ whole intelligent activity in the future. This work allows us to indirectly experience to consider whether we would treat AI as we do humans, if it is developed into ‘strong intelligence’, through the conversation with AI which is able to learn emotional words.

Technical Information:

    Basically, Natural Language Processing(NLP) using Deep Learning is embodied to understand audience’s dialogue intention and find and analyze emotional words in entered sentences. It can acquire an ability to express emotions through AI’s dialogues. The initial dialogues using formal expressions are updated to use expressions including emotional words, and audiences may gradually feel emotions from the conversation with AI, as such a process is repeated.

    The entire software is developed based on a game engine, which can communicate with the online Chatbot server via Restful API and transforming responses into voices through Text to Speach(TTS).