Karin Schminke: Sound Waves

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    Sound Waves



    Five 17.5 in x 17.5 in parts



Artist Statement:

    The multiplicity of views inherent in the five-panel presentation of Sound Waves simultaneously draws parallels and contrasts. The rhythms and movements are a constant, while relationships and forms differ. The delicate and subtle variations resonate in discrete patterns to create five individual worlds. Yet the synergy of form and movement of the five views combined suggest a larger splendor and draw the viewer more forcefully into their grasp.

    Water holds a special attraction. Who can resist spending time at a shoreline with light reflecting off the surface, form in a continual state of flux, and rhythms that lull. The hypnotizing movement of light on water and the shifting relationships of waves are the inspirations for Sound Waves. The five square panels in the piece utilize lenticular technology to capture movement, transformation, and depth.

    Viewing this work is like watching waves roll onto the beach: mesmerizing, relaxing, captivating. The shapes used are primarily abstract. It is their placement within the three-dimensional space of the lenticular print, and their relationship to other forms there, that suggest context and meaning. Bright reflections of light appear momentarily as the viewer passes by, just as wave movements create hypnotizing flashes of sunlit sparkles at the beach.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Digital Atelier