Kate Johnson: Between Thoughts

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    Between Thoughts


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Artist Statement:

    Between Thoughts is a multi-layered stream-of-consciousness exploration of the myriad of impressions that can course through us in the creative moment. While working in collaboration with celebrated Los Angeles choreographer Loretta Livingston, I became fascinated with the impulses and movements of dancers working in an improvisatory style. Watching them and their rapid movements created in an instant and then immediately evolving into other physical expressions and rhythms, I began to see relationships in time, the nature of what really thinks and creates, and how our mind constantly weaves glimpses of past, present, and future visions, dreams, fears, losses, whispers, and echoes while simultaneously wrapped in a present occupation. What resulted is a visual poem on art making that traces through sensual, natural landscapes, elements, disembodied movements, and surreal imagery keyed to a hypnotic pulse.

    I have always been deeply interested in ideas about perception and states of mind and have explored them through the marriage of nature and technology. In this work, I wanted to create textual layering, a meditation in which neural pathways fire before the mind realizes, and yet the metaphors in the imagery are slowed to the pace of a deep memory. The cycle of creation therefore begins before I first thought ends.

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