Keiko Takahashi: Diorama Table

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    Diorama Table


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Artist Statement:

    Diorama Table explores a new way to merge interactive images into daily life. The invisible technology in the diorama adds humor, makes us comfortable, and stimulates the imagination of those who experience the piece. Interaction with the Diorama Table occurs in public, so it helps bridge gaps between people of different generations and encourages them to have fun together. It merges fine art into daily life and suggests a formerly unexplored method of interaction that ordinary people can enjoy. When participants place common objects such as cups, ropes, or candies on the table, paintings of houses, trees, or trains appear. These objects can be arranged as a town, which can grow and change as objects are added or removed. In this unique experience, physical objects and fantastic images interact.

Technical Information:

    The CCD camera captures objects of various shapes on the table. A computer generates images from the camera data and
    sends them to a projector. This system consists of two sections:
    • Image recognition, which recognizes physical objects on the table from an image captured by the CCD camera.
    • A computer-generated image (CGI) function, which generates CGI around the objects and sends images to a projector. The
    analyzed result of the image recognition process is sent to CGI recognition either via shared memory or the network itself.