Kenneth A. Huff: Meditations Series, 2004.10a

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    Meditations Series, 2004.10a


Creation Year:





    20:00 minutes


Artist Statement:

    Today’s frenetic, rapid-cut popular media serve as foil to the intent of Meditations, a series of animated works that explores slowly evolving patterns and forms inspired by the intricate complexities of nature. The undulating concentric lines of the arches, loops, and whorls of fingerprints were the basis for the forms in this work. Similar patterns can be seen throughout the natural world, from the growth rings of trees to the merging ripples on a pond. The various changes and movements are based on time scales observable at a seashore, from the rapid crashing of waves to the slower ebb and flow of tides and the even slower changes of the shoreline through erosion. In the work, some changes are very slow, apparent only if one looks away for a period of time and then returns to find some aspect has transformed. Other changes are rapid and noticeably rhythmic, but, as with breathing, the rhythms are imbued with variation. With no set beginning or end, the works allow the viewer to become lost in the complex, organic details and provide engaging, calming points of meditation – inspirations for visual and mental exploration .