Kenneth Snelson: Chain Bridge Bodies

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    Chain Bridge Bodies


Creation Year:



    Photographic print (stereo pair)


    40 x 50


Technical Information:

    Hardware: Silicon Graphics Personal Iris.
    Software: Wavefront Technologies.

Other Information:

    Most people familiar with graphics computers have heard the expression “free viewing” or “free fusion” of stereo images, a fool-the-eye method of seeing stereo pictures in 3D without the aid of a device. Free fusion is also a delight for the spatial senses once the technique is mas­tered. At last year’s SIGGRAPH, a friend told me he’d grown so used to free view­ing on his computer that the instant he sees two stamps on an envelope he instinctively refocuses hoping that they might turn out to be in stereo. On a graphics computer, system permitting, one can use two software camera windows side-by-side, and view directly in 3D to readily place object on the z axis without the need for electronic spectacles.