Kevin Mack: Divine Instruments of Technology

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    Divine Instruments of Technology


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Artist Statement:

    My work is an exploration of the sublime beauty of infinity, complexity, perception, and consciousness. I have a passionate fascination for the powerful visions that inspire this exploration.

    By creating imagery that exists at the threshold of recognition, I seek to invoke the unconscious imagination of the viewer and inspire a personal experience of awe and mystery. I endeavor to provide a purely aesthetic escape from worldly meanings, messages, and agendas. The content and meaning of my art are derived from each viewer’s own psyche. This perceptual phenomenon causes a shift in consciousness that can quiet our normal mental chatter and still the mind.

    I’ve developed and refined my process over many years. Digital paintings and 3D animations are transformed using 3D math functions to create evolving abstract dimensional objects and spaces of vast complexity. From within these spaces, I compose high-resolution images and animations. My process integrates intuition and intellect, deliberate design and random happen-stance, realism and abstraction, humanity and technology, painting and math, science and mysticism.

    Abstract Dimensionalism describes the inspiration, the style, and the process.