Koh Sueda: Chang-Tei System

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    Chang-Tei System


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Artist Statement:

    As media technology develops and globalization continues, information technology is gradually becoming society’s infrastructure. Demands for speed and efficiency have permeated our daily interactions. It is important that we live our daily lives at all times and in all places. Perhaps there is a way to go beyond information exchange and restore the pleasure of communication as an expression of consideration towards others. We have always used non-everyday events like festivals, parties, and ceremonies to balance out our busy everyday lives. The Chang-Tei System introduces non-everyday communication into digital communication, as a way to make IT society more fulfilling.
    • Communication Grill: Through continuous chatting, participants enjoy grilled meat.
    • Communication Tea House: Conversation among those within the tea room is projected on the hanging scroll, making the water boil so everyone can enjoy a cup of tea. In the cafe
    version, people sit around a table at an internet cafe and chat to boil a pot of water.
    • Communication Buffet: Activate the appliance through chatting at the buffet, and you get popcorn. One of the really interesting aspects of this work is how it illuminates the Japanese approach to technology. How should humans interact with the machine? An important message in this work is: “The machines have to be understood as a kind of culture” (Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director, ARS Electronica).

Technical Information:

    This Chang-Tei System supports communication between unknown users who stimulate action in real space. It provides space where the feeling of sharing, eating, and chatting