Laura Nova: The Last Word

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    The Last Word


Creation Year:



    Banner-grade PVC


    10 feet x 20 feet


Artist Statement:

    Laughing, crying, kissing, blowing, arguing, apologizing are only some of the human actions and dramatic gestures that I explore to create my art. Exploring sculpture, installation, and performance, my work is inspired by universal emotions like sadness, happiness, desire, anger, and remorse. “The Last Word” is typical of my work in that it engages the viewer in a real and unmediated experience, bringing unsuspecting rituals of life under the lens of art. It reads as a street sign, depicting a “Dear John” voicemail message, exposing an instance of vulnerability through the use of language. At a glance, my work deals with one-liners, puns, and cliche, but it delves deeper, exploring concepts of public and private behavior and how these moments manifest in the everyday. Commonplace elements connect us to these situations that I produce (we know these things, we know their use), yet they surprise us and catch us unaware.