Leslie Nobler: Open the Floe

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    Open the Floe


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    Digital photography, Photoshop, Illustrator; traditional transfer printmaking with digital "plates," paper fabric, plastic, ink, paint, thread and embellishments


Artist Statement:

    In this work, output via digital printers and human hands, I consider code, early artisanship, old textual issues and current paradigm shifts – through poetry (lyrical and visual), attempting to make it speak to our time. Several motifs and pattern fragments used derive from the artwork of older Middle Eastern and European societies, resulting from my research into sacred texts and objects. Utilizing historical visual and spiritual ideas in these works, I marry (or re-invent) the artisanal methods/materials with “new-fangled” digital methods. Through text, codification, and picture-making, I investigate book-form aesthetics, manually created – yet electronically generated.