Linda Dement: Typhoid Mary

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    Typhoid Mary



Artist Statement:

    The interactive piece, Typhoid Mary, was made using a Macintosh Quadra 700 with the software Macromind Director, Colour Studio, SoundEdit Pro, HyperCard and Canvas at the Computer Centre, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Australia. The project was assisted by the Art Research and Development Fund of the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

    The work includes manipulated photographic images, poems, academic references, animations, sounds, stories that print out, and information from statistical reports and medical text books. There is no menu system or apparent user interface. By clicking somewhere on the images on screen, the viewer moves along the paths I have determined. There is no beginning and no end.

    The links between the various bodies of information follow an internal logic: the logic of dream and hallucination, of the subconscious and subcutaneous: an illogic and, specifically, my illogic.

    I use very personal and corporeal subject matter and my own blood and clutter aesthetic, with computers-a technology that is often associated with the impersonal, with slickness, cleanliness and the commercial world-a technology that I establish as a tightly controlled framework and within which I can create with the out of control in myself.