LiQin Tan: BurlNuts+4

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Creation Year:



    Digital woodprints with 3D animation


    32 inches x 32 inch es x 4 Pieces


Artist Statement:

    “Digital-primitive art” is a multifaceted and reciprocal process: making digital 30 images through primitive technology and materials, and making primitive rawhide/wood art through digital technology andequipment. My hope is that digital-primitive art can transcend the traditional and modern uses of art elements and can result in integrating
    digital and primitive values in one manifestation. One way in which I think about the relationship between the primitive and modern technology can be symbolized as Digital <¥ (Finite) and Primitive ¥ (Infinity). I would suggest that any modern technology could be changed or replaced; however, the primitive systems of signification
    retain their significance. As the ideologies and technologies of society change, today’s state-of-the-art technology will be tomorrow’s primitive skills. As a digital naturalist, I chose the burl as the natural art form to explore this “digital-nature” theme in search of applications for the products of digital evolution. The term “Burl+4” refers to the natural five elements: water, metal, fire, wood (burl), and earth. The artwork specializes in digital woodprints and animation clips featuring effortless movements of the natural elements, incorporati� LCD TV display. It transforms ordinary materials, such as burl woo: lighting, texture, and digital debris, into “unison-Installations” inspire by Tao principles.
    This series of digital-primitive art is divided into six components: digital-rawhide prints, animation through rawhide projections, digital woodprints with animation, animation through wood projections, digital rock prints with animation, and animation devices.