Maaike Evers, Mike Simonian: Windowseat Lounge

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    Windowseat Lounge


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Artist Statement:

    Designed for both public and private spaces, Windowseat Lounge is a comfortable refuge from the hustle and bustle of lobbies, airports, or busy home environments. The wrap-around design creates a sub-architectural room-withina-room. A swiveling base provides full control over the framed perspective, allowing you to pan 360 degrees to take in the environment or block it out.

Technical Information:

    Windowseat Lounge was designed using 3D CAD. During the design process, multiple test prototypes were created with laser-cut plywood sections to check ergonomics, comfort, and
    design. Once the design was refined on the computer,foam masters were milled from the 3D files
    using a CNC mill. The foam masters were used to create the molds. A fiberglass shell was created from the mold, then upholstered.